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There's a lot of game frameworks for 2D, 3D games out there.

I suggest starting with a simple loop and evolving it to make your game.

Start with the simple loop with a question. Win or Loose. Then extend it
to add scores, replays, bonuses, etc... 

One place to start is

Check out their links about game development... Most of them can be
ported to Transcript with minor changes. Except for the 3D stuff of 


On 22.02.2005 12:38:29 use-revolution-bounces wrote:
>I intend to learn more about Dreamcard by coding some games and so on.
>I am not sure about the general framework you would use with a setup
>like this though. Normally you end up with a main loop which runs
>continuously, until you quit out of it, and lots of methods/subroutines
>which do all the hard work and are called by the main loop or as a
>consequence of it at some point.
>Any tips on the best way to set up a general framework, or any other
>hints or pointers would be muchly appreciated.
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