Dwayne Rothe drothe at optusnet.com.au
Tue Feb 22 23:58:55 EST 2005

Hi All, 
I need some guidence creating a simple encrypt/decrypt program, 
e.g I have a field where I enter an em at il address, click a button and generate an encrypted string in another field.
This string then becomes the password/key which is entered into another app to gain access. Obviously the second app uses the same method(cipherName, salt e.t.c) to decrypt the password/key.
Yeah well I know what I mean...I just need a basic password generator!

I have been reading the Rev docs which make some sense but I cant even get the cipherNames to show in a list!

put the cipherNames into fld "list" --- does nothing, no errors, just nothing... whats missing here?

Maybe SSL Encryption lib or ?

Any Insight would be great.... Cheers Dwayne

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