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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Feb 22 18:27:56 EST 2005

Thomas McGrath III wrote:
> I have been having problems getting myself motivated. I have a possible 
> customer for a few ideas I have and he said as soon as I'm ready that he 
> will try and sell them for me. I even have a lot of ideas for this 
> project. But I can't seem to get started. I have been sitting here for 
> weeks reading this list every day and opening up REV but still can't start.
> Any helpful ideas on how to jump start a project?

Been there many times. :)

Hiking or other blood-stimulating exercise with good vistas generally 
works helps me, esp. if followed by a good meal with lots of greens, a 
hot bath, and a brief nap.  The time away clears the mind, and I've lost 
count of the number of times I wake from a short nap knowing exactly how 
to solve a previously difficult problem.

Let your background processes do the work while your foreground 
processes rest and absorb nature. Even a brief walk in the rain can 
sometimes help.  Nature rarely makes a design mistake and can be 
inspiring, even if in subtle ways.

One of the things I found counterproductive about day jobs I've had is 
how short their siesta, and how non-existing their napping facililities. 
:)  I don't mind working later if I can take the time to get refreshed 
enough to enjoy the second half of the day as much as the first.

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