Time Counter

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Tue Feb 22 12:54:58 EST 2005

Ooopsie. Wrong header in previous mail. Sorry...

But it seems I managed to cancel the other mail...

Now for a quick coffee. ;-)


> Hi Yves,
> Yes. I just typed that down as it came to my head. :-)
> The behaviour you see is because there is still one message cued in 
> the pending messages. Change the script to the following:
> on mouseUp
>    if the flag of me is empty then set the flag of me to -1
>    set the flag of me to the flag of me*-1
>    wait until "startMyTimer" is not in the pendingmessages with 
> messages
>    set the istimer of me to 0
>    if the flag of me=1 then
>      startMyTimer
>    else
>      put "00:00"
>    end if
> end mouseUp
> on startMyTimer
>    set the isTimer of me to the isTimer of me+1
>    put the isTimer of me div 60 into myMinutes
>    if myMinutes<10 then put "0"&myMinutes into myMinutes
>    put the isTimer of me mod 60 into mySeconds
>    if mySeconds<10 then put "0"&mySeconds into mySeconds
>    put myminutes&":"&myseconds
>    if the flag of me=1 then send startMyTimer to me in 1 second
> end startMyTimer
> This should do. ;-)
> Best,
> Malte
> Sorry if this message appears twice. I forgot to remove the digest in 
> my previous mail...
> So if this mail comes again with a complete digest attached it was me 
> being silly...
> <g>

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