Time Counter

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Tue Feb 22 07:24:41 EST 2005

Hi Signe,

 >Thanks for the script, but there must be something missing. It does 
not show
 >the time elapsed. Only when I click the button does it change. What is 
 >Signe Marie

There shouldn´t be anything that´s missing (or doesn´t it count at 
If you put the script into a button you need to click it once to start 
the timer and a second time to stop it. If you want to start the timer 
automaticly you can change the mouseUp handler to an openCard handler, 
or whatever you need. I´ll comment the script below to make it more 

on mouseUp
    --we need to call the startMyTimer handler fom somewhere
    --this could also be on openCard or openStack
    set the istimer of me to 0
    --reset the timer
    if the flag of me is empty then set the flag of me to -1
    --initialize a flag custom property
    --Using this cProp we can check if the timer is already running...
    set the flag of me to the flag of me*-1
    --change the flag if you click
    --possible values are -1 and 1
   --the first time you click it will set the cProp to 1
    if the flag of me=1 then startMyTimer
   --if the cProp is 1 then call the timer the first time
end mouseUp

on startMyTimer
    set the isTimer of me to the isTimer of me+1
    --increase the value of the timer. It will only count
    put the isTimer of me div 60 into myMinutes
    --calculate the number of whole minutes
    if myMinutes<10 then put "0"&myMinutes into myMinutes
    --if it is smaller than 10 then add an additional zero before it
    put the isTimer of me mod 60 into mySeconds
   --what´s left ofer when dividing by 60 is the seconds
    if mySeconds<10 then put "0"&mySeconds into mySeconds
   --add additional zero if necessary
    put myminutes&":"&myseconds
   --put minutes:seconds into msg
    if the flag of me=1 then send startMyTimer to me in 1 second
   --if the flag cProp of the calling object is 1 then call the 
startMyTimer handler again
   --so if you click the button holding the script again the flag will 
be set to -1
   --and the handler wont be called anymore
end startMyTimer

Hope this helps.


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