Enter key on laptops

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Mon Feb 21 22:19:45 EST 2005

>> The most recent report said that he could not enter a return into the 
>> script editor.
> Thinking about this some more, I'm still not clear what is going on 
> with single-Enter-key keyboards. If Fn-Enter effectively sends an 
> "enterkey" then shouldn't a "returnkey" be sent when the Enter key is 
> typed alone? Presumably the user can type carriage returns in other 
> apps and maybe even in Rev fields. So how come he can't enter a 
> carriage return in the script editor?
Could the keyboard have a Function lock?
I have used a PC keyboard with an extremely irritating  function lock 
key. It always took several presses before I worked out why the 
function keys didn't do anything. Is it possible that a similar thing 
is making Return always send a Function-return?


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