noob questions

Mikey mikeythek at
Mon Feb 21 19:57:21 EST 2005

> Custom propertys are referred to with a the. e.g.
Is there a property inspector where I can see the custom properties?

>  >6) Report writer - not included with the demo, need to know more.
> Ask Jan Schenkel. :-)
Huh?  The information I was able to find says that there's a report
editor available via the Tools menu, but I don't see it in the demo.

>  >8) It would appear that the only difference between the versions of RR
>  >is SSL.  Is that right?
> And database support + the ability to build standalones and develop on
> all plattform instead of just distributing to these platforms (if
> nothing has changed since I last checked. :-) )
Hmm.  The  standalones and the multi-platform development isn't
specified on the site.  What's the story?

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