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On 2/21/05 1:22 PM, Mikey wrote:

> 1) Can I create my own classes?  I see somewhere that I can create
> custom properties, but I didn't see how.

There is no ability to create your own classes per se, but you can 
sometimes do what you want by combining existing objects into groups, or 
by using template objects (see: templateStack, templateCard, 
templateGraphic, etc.) I'll grant this isn't quite the same thing.

Custom properties have a whole section of their own in the docs. Click 
the Topics icon at the top of the documentation window, then look at 
"Properties and property profiles". Also click the "FAQ" icon and see 
the "Values & Properties" section.

> 2) Is there more internet protocol code available, e.g. POP3, SMTP,
> telnet, etc.?  I know I can write it since I wrote my own mail server
> in another IDE, but I'd prefer not to.

There are free libraries available for all of this; others have 
mentioned some of them.

> 3) Is UDP supported in the sockets goop?


> 4) Is there some way to have substacks or different stacks running in
> different processes?

In Windows, if you use a shell command to open a stack, or if you 
double-click a stack from Explorer, you will get a new process. Macs 
don't do that. Usually the question is whether we can *avoid* separate 
processes in Windows -- which isn't so easy to do.

> 5) Where the heck are the manuals?  It's hard to RTFM when the docs
> that come with the demo are, to say the least, sparse.

The online docs are so expansive that most people have trouble finding 
what they want, and then they say the docs aren't complete. The docs 
need some accessibility work, but all the info is in there. Make sure 
you check out all the icons at the top of the docs window -- they each 
contain a different set of information. RevOnline also has tutorials, 
videos, PDFs, and many, many user examples.

> 6) Report writer - not included with the demo, need to know more.

A third-party report builder is coming out soon. For simple printing, 
you can use revPrintField or revPrintText. These don't do reports, however.

> 7) It appears that there is an HTML-rendering window type included,
> but I don't see any documentation on it.

It isn't a window, it is a text style. Fields have an "htmlText" 
property (see the docs) which renders text as tagged HTML. Revolution's 
HTML text supports only those properties which Rev fields themselves 
support -- which is mostly character-based properties such as text 
styles or text color. It does not support layout-based properties such 
as tables.

There is also Altuit's browser add-on which others have mentioned.

> 8) It would appear that the only difference between the versions of RR
> is SSL.  Is that right?

There are a few other differences. The list is here:


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