noob questions

Malte Brill revolution at
Mon Feb 21 15:23:32 EST 2005

Hi Mikey,

first of all: Welcome. I´ll try to answer a few of your questions...

 >1) Can I create my own classes?  I see somewhere that I can create
 >custom properties, but I didn't see how.

Custom propertys are referred to with a the. e.g.

set the myCoolProperty of btn 1 to "Wow!"

 >2) Is there more internet protocol code available, e.g. POP3, SMTP,

Yes. Look at sarah´s pages.

I leave 3 and 4 for the others. :-)

 >5) Where the heck are the manuals?  It's hard to RTFM when the docs
 >that come with the demo are, to say the least, sparse.

Well what do you need?

 >6) Report writer - not included with the demo, need to know more.
Ask Jan Schenkel. :-)

 >7) It appears that there is an HTML-rendering window type included,
 >but I don't see any documentation on it.

I guess you are referring to altBrowser. A third party external.
Ask Chipp Walters.

 >8) It would appear that the only difference between the versions of RR
 >is SSL.  Is that right?

And database support + the ability to build standalones and develop on 
all plattform instead of just distributing to these platforms (if 
nothing has changed since I last checked. :-) )



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