Saving cards with Dreamcard Player

Eddie Boyd eddie at
Mon Feb 21 13:45:06 EST 2005

Many thanks, Jim. That's solved it. Was working on the Mac because I 
had stumbled across it and selected it, not knowing what it was or 
did. Windows stack now saving. Also uploading web pages, which it 
hadn't been doing either, which would have been my next question. 


>On Feb 21, 2005, at 12:00 PM, Eddie Boyd wrote:
>>In building a stack to be used by Dreamcard player I find that saving
>>cards of substacks is a problem. It works using Dreamcard player on
>>MacOSX but new cards or changes to the contents of cards doesn't save
>>when using Dreamcard Player on Windows.
>This was answered here for me recently. Dreamcard Player won't save 
>anything or write any files to your disk unless you put it into 
>"Insecure" mode. This is controlled by a check-box in the RevOnline 
>preferences. To get to it, you open RevOnline and click the Rev icon 
>at the top right of the window.
>Sorry, but no one had a good explanation for why this is arranged 
>this way, nor where it is documented.
>Jim Lyons
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