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I wonder if he was doing exactly this before, but is now trying to do 
it with the paint selection tool (for working with image objects)?

Just use the standard Edit tool (in the top row of the toolbar in Rev 
2.5).   The tools at the very bottom of the toolbar (after revealing 
them with the triangle) are for working with image objects (paintings), 
not for manipulating other Rev objects, such as fields and buttons.

On Feb 20, 2005, at 5:31 PM, Dan Shafer wrote:

> Len....
> Can you tell me what 'dotted rope' tool you're referring to? The right 
> way to select a bunch of controls that aren't grouped, I think, is to 
> use the select tool and draw a rectangle around the outsides of the 
> controls.
> Unless I"m just dense, which is certainly possible.
> Dan
> On Feb 20, 2005, at 5:55 AM, Len Morgan wrote:
>> I'm a (very) new user an I'm having a little trouble with the Studio 
>> IDE.  I'm trying to layout a card with a few labels and the text 
>> fields to collect information from the user.  I want to select a 
>> group of labels and move them around a little and I've used the 
>> dotted "rope" thingy before but I can't seem to make it work any 
>> more.  I can't even get the "rope" to display as I try and draw it.  
>> What are the exact steps I need to take to select a group of controls 
>> to adjust their position together?
>> Just to explain where my problem is, when I select the rope tool, the 
>> Run and Edit buttons BOTH come up.  If I try and click on an area to 
>> start my selection process, I only get the first control that the 
>> mouse hits.  If I click on the Edit button on the pallete, the rope 
>> tool gets unselected.  I know this is a real bonehead mistake on my 
>> part (because I've done it before).
>> Thanks,
>> Len Morgan
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