Almost too simple to ask...

Len Morgan len-morgan at
Sun Feb 20 08:55:52 EST 2005

I'm a (very) new user an I'm having a little trouble with the Studio 
IDE.  I'm trying to layout a card with a few labels and the text fields 
to collect information from the user.  I want to select a group of 
labels and move them around a little and I've used the dotted "rope" 
thingy before but I can't seem to make it work any more.  I can't even 
get the "rope" to display as I try and draw it.  What are the exact 
steps I need to take to select a group of controls to adjust their 
position together?

Just to explain where my problem is, when I select the rope tool, the 
Run and Edit buttons BOTH come up.  If I try and click on an area to 
start my selection process, I only get the first control that the mouse 
hits.  If I click on the Edit button on the pallete, the rope tool gets 
unselected.  I know this is a real bonehead mistake on my part (because 
I've done it before).


Len Morgan

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