Typing foreign characters in RunRev

Jonathan Cooper joncooper at swiftdsl.com.au
Sat Feb 19 20:24:10 EST 2005

On Tuesday, February 15, 2005, at 01:52  AM, Frank Leahy wrote:

> I was looking for something that would emulate the way that it's done 
> in every piece of software except Rev -- hold down option key and type 
> "u", see floating dots, type "u" and get ümlaut.
> I'm curious what our German, French and Portuguese Revers do.. Can you 
> type accents and umlauts into Rev fields?  What happens if you use a 
> US keyboard instead of a German/French/Portuguese keyboard, can you 
> still type them?

Hi Frank,

I just discovered something interesting while preparing to answer your 
questions: If you set your keyboard to "U.S. Extended" (unicode), you 
get very similar results to Apple Mail, except that, instead of the 
umlaut being highlighted, it has a heavy underline. Otherwise, using 
the "U.S.", "British" or "Australian" keyboards (via the Input tab of 
"International" System Preferences), you can still type "ü" in a Rev 
field (option-u, u); you just don't get any feedback until you type the 
(second) "u".

> And a final question, does anyone know where the floating dots (or 
> floating accent or floating tilda) characters are stored, and how to 
> show them in a Rev field?

Rev doesn't "store" them, AFAIK; it's a system-wide thing. But in any 
app, you can show a "naked" umlaut by typing option-u, then space, a 
"naked" acute by typing option-e, then space, etc.

Also, BTW, Jeanne de Voto wrote:

> you can get an accent character by itself by pressing the relevant key 
> twice. (For example, to get an umlaut, press option-u option-u.)

This doesn't work for me. Only option-u, [space] .


Jonathan Cooper
Manager of Information / WWW
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Jonathan Cooper
Manager of Information / WWW
Art Gallery of New South Wales

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