general undo methods?

MisterX b.xavier at
Sat Feb 19 09:11:17 EST 2005

OK, it's starting to take shape... selections are recorded, compared with
the last one, i got a control footprint with incremental temporal versioning
near ready, deselections are recorded too, choice of content/control editing
changes, saving of changes is there too.

I got to add in the checks for field style: html, rtf or text or both three,
the redo for "other" controls... and the hotkeys management and we're
rolling for testing!

Recording a macro is possible too I guess! Just another flag maybe. I
already handle multiple objects... ;)

Left to do
Record all the props! Purge duplicate actions?
Undo text/time frames if viable
Then we got also coming
- undo action filters (stick to the essentials) 
- redo last actions from a list, recreate a clone of the object as it was.
- Reports, save or print out the changes done to stacks anyone? Hey, for
project time-logging purposes... why not!

Most events and controls keys are logged including copy, paste, delete or
backspace, new and delete controls or cards are also in... 

Since we got a GUI, im going to also add menus for pasting previous
clipboard texts or images. Controls is a different container I haven't
mastered yet which will take extra code...

Watching for dangerous redos and allowing for undo and redo exceptions or
automatic repeats is now the next task... This is also where some Mac
scripters could help out for mac-specific hotkeys or cutting down the
scripting time. 

Amazing how a little stack can grow!

I'll post the update soon... For the Curious and Testers only...


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> I think I'll have an undo method working for HotkeysN2O in a 
> couple hours ;)
> If you want to test it, let me know... 
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> > I need to add more extensive undo to an app I'm working on.  
> > Seems like a lot of work once you step outside of the 
> subset of things 
> > the engine takes care of for you.
> > 
> > Any of you have pointers to general methods for implemening undo 
> > across an app?
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