Recording user actions

Richard Miller wow at
Sat Feb 19 08:12:55 EST 2005

Not sure of the best way to do this. Here's the scenario:

Essentially, I'm looking for a way to mark up a Quicktime video so that 
one user can do the marking up and then another can see what has been 
done after receiving this "marked up" video through the Internet.

In other words...

I've got a user on one computer watching a video from inside of a Rev 
application I've provided. They can draw objects (mostly circles and 
lines) on top of that video while it is playing back in slow motion. I 
need to record all of this drawing so it can be recreated / replayed at 
a later time on a different computer. Not only does the motion / 
drawing need to be recorded, but also the specific times at which the 
drawing of the different objects occurred. I suppose, in some sense, 
this is an animation.

The entire "marking up" session will not exceed 3-5 minutes.

How do I record this activity AND keep the file size down as small as 
possible (as it needs to be quickly transmitted from the user who did 
the marking up to the user that needs to view it)?

Thanks for your suggestions.

Richard Miller
Imprinter Technologies

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