Join a Revolution in June in Monterey!

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Feb 18 01:02:14 CST 2005

On 2/17/05 11:57 PM, Chipp Walters wrote:

> This
> time we're hoping for a great lineup including Mr. Gaskin, the infamous 
> Ken Ray, Ms Jacque Landman Gay, Mr Quicktime himself- Trevor DeVore and 
> the fabulous Scott Rossi (you didn't forget his amazing demos last 
> year?) and hopefully a team from Scotland. Of course there will be 
> others as well (including Jerry Daniel's very very funny 'MC' vs 'RR' 
> IDE shoot-out?). Also, Tuviah's already mentioned he's planning to make it!

You know, with a little rearranging the above is sheer poetry:

   Mr. Gaskin, Ken Ray, Ms. J. Landman Gay,
   And Trevor "QuickTime" DeVore,
   The fab Scott Rossi, a team of the Scots, see,
   And Jerry does shoot-outs and scores.

   And Tuviah mentioned he had the intention...

But then I ran out of names. We need more people. Sign up guys, or we'll 
be left with dangling participles.

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