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Erik Hansen erikhans08 at
Thu Feb 17 22:05:17 EST 2005

--- Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>

> He's also been an educator, successfully
> integrating HyperCard and other 
> interactive media into the classroom, and has
> lent that experience to 
> helping other educators do the same.  At the
> Rev seminar in SF last year 
> he held a breakout session on using Rev in the
> classroom...

that session was very beneficial.

good to have an education pro on the team.
nowadays computers in education are 
largely handled by big edu-corporations
leaving little time for the "lone rangers"
with their "bolt-on" projects. the 
standardization provides many benefits,
but the all-or-nothing approach can leave
some good ideas on the shelf.

what about an array of programs to choose
from, with education pros making sure that
the individual programs and the overall
suites would meet all of the general

i.e. offering several different tutorials
each in geometry, algebra, logic, etc.
the Mister Potato Head approach.

Erik Hansen

erik at

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