Rev cgi Linux and get URL (libURL)

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Thu Feb 17 18:54:57 EST 2005

On 17 Feb 2005, at 23:34, jbv wrote:

> one more detail :
> the following line :   get URL ""
> doesn't return anything... the script just run for about
> 10 secs and then returns an empty variable.

Did you check "the result" after the get URL line? It might give some 
useful information.

> BUT the following line :  geturl ""
> returns 1108665196 ...
> don't know if it makes any sense...
geturl is a handler in liburl that is called by the engine (it should 
never be called from a script). However, the value looks like the 
seconds value. When you say it "returns 1108665196", is that in the 
"it" variable or "the result". If the former, is it possible the "it" 
value was set earier in your script.

Going back to your original question, as far as I know, the 
instructions for building a libUrl stack for CGI use are still valid. 
However, I haven't done this recently, and at the time, I didn't check 
it on Linux. If you're still having trouble, immediately after the 
"start using" line, you might want to check that the library has been 
loaded. You could perhaps do something suc as "return the stacksInUse"


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