MySQL and Mac OS 9

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Thu Feb 17 14:57:14 EST 2005

Okay, here's an even weirder twist to the whole issue.  I decided to just
try rebuilding my standalone, thinking that maybe there was just some weird
glitch.  Turns out the revdb CODE resource does in fact get copied to the
standalone by the standalone builder.  I think it didn't happen before
because I had chosen to include another resource file (that's another issue;
the correct resources should still get copied even if you choose to copy
your own resources from a separate file).  Unfortunately, I still get the
1010 error when I try to open my app.  So something is messed up with the
standalone building process.

I don't think this is even necessarily specific to MySQL.  Anyone else out
there use any of the revdb calls in a Mac OS 9 application?

Thanks again,

Chris Sheffield
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On Feb 17, 2005, at 11:02 AM, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> That's exactly the problem.  I found out that the CODE resource is 
> located
> in the license.rev file in the Revolution 2.5 folder.  The resource 
> contains
> the library for "revdb" among other things.  Unfortunately, even after
> copying the resource to my standalone it still doesn't work.  I get a 
> type
> 1010 error.  I remember a similar problem back when I first started 
> with
> Valnentina and it had something to do with the ID of the CODE resource 
> not
> matching the ID of the resource in the Valentina XCMD library or some 
> weird
> thing like that.
> So I'm investigating that now.  I'll post again if I can figure it out.

What is the ID revDB has once you paste it into your code resource?  If 
I remember correctly the ID mod 3 has to equal 0 (or something like 
that).  Notice that all of the IDs in the license.rev file fit this 

Trevor DeVore
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