Pasting Formatted Text (was Re: A Revolution beginner seeks advice...)

Dan Shafer revdan at
Thu Feb 17 13:23:39 CST 2005

Not sure what could be happening here, Karen. What platform are you on? 
And what specific types of formatting are you using and losing?

When I copy a two-page Word document on OS X containing bold and 
italicized type and paste it into a scrolling field in Rev, all the 
formatting is retained. So I can't reproduce your problem. If you 
provide more specifics, perhaps we can nail this down for you!


On Feb 17, 2005, at 5:42 AM, Karen wrote:

> One thing that puzzles me is the pasting of text from other 
> applications
> into a Revolution edit field.  If there is a page break in a document 
> (from
> Microsoft Word or from Pages) then the formatting is lost when I paste 
> into
> my app's edit field.  However, text without a page break is OK.  Is 
> there
> something I'm doing wrong?

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