MySQL and Mac OS 9

Trevor DeVore lists at
Thu Feb 17 13:48:19 EST 2005

On Feb 17, 2005, at 8:35 AM, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> I'm wondering if anyone else is successfully using a MySQL database 
> with a
> Mac OS 9 client.  I can't seem to make it work.  I'm just using the
> revdb_connect function, but my standalone does not seem to recognize 
> that
> function.  The same code works fine on Windows and OS X.  In looking 
> more
> closely, it appears that there is not a revdb library for OS 9, at 
> least not
> that I can find.  Should there be, or is OS 9 different from the other 
> two?
> I just tested the stacks running in the IDE and everything works fine. 
>  It
> just fails in the built standalone.  I've got the MySQL Library PPC 
> library
> in the same folder as my standalone.  But, like I said, I cannot find 
> any
> revdb library like with the other two platforms.  Anyone have any 
> ideas?  I
> hope this is something I can workaround.  Maybe it's just another 
> issue with
> the standalone builder not copying all the necessary files?  I'm 
> running Rev
> 2.5 with all the latest updates.

Since this is working in the IDE it is possible that the standalone is 
missing a code resource.  I know that Valentina requires this as does 
the EnhancedQT external though I'm not sure about MySQL.  I looked 
around a little bit to find where Revolution stores the code resource 
that it needs to add for Valentina but I couldn't find it.  Anyone know 
where what file it is a part of?  Perhaps if MySQL requires this as 
well it is in the same file?

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