Linked text question

Mark Swindell mdswindell at
Thu Feb 17 09:37:12 EST 2005

Thank you, Frank (and others),

What is wrong with this expression?

     repeat for each line x in field "WordList"
       if the mouseText is among the items of line x of field "WordList" 
         answer "HEY"
       end if
     end repeat

Rev doesn't like line 2, but I'm not able to understand why... if I 
replace "x" with "1" the answer command executes.  What is the proper 
repeat syntax to get this to work?


On Feb 16, 2005, at 7:36 AM, Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:

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> One idea:
> Store the list of words as a set of items on a single line for each 
> group:
> dark,somber,gloomy
> bright,cheerful,fun
> ...
> then you can store the data in a single field or custom property.  Now 
> to find the group, something like this might work:
> repeat for each line x in field "My Hidden Field"
>   if myClickedWord is among the items of x then
>     doStuff
>   end if
> end repeat
> On Feb 16, 2005, at 10:13 AM, Mark Swindell wrote:
>> Tom,
>> That sounds like a good solution.  Thanks.  I don't do custom 
>> properties very well yet ... let's say I had 20 sets of such grouped 
>> sets of words in three separate fields.  What might be the most 
>> efficient container system to hold these groups?  Instinctively I'd 
>> just put them in 20 hidden fields and reference those, but that's 
>> probably not the cleanest solution (though it might be the easiest to 
>> manage and edit).
>> Thanks,
>> Mark
>> On Feb 15, 2005, at 7:18 PM, Thomas McGrath III wrote:
>>> This is perfect for custom properties or a container for these 
>>> 'linked' words. So if the selected word is in container whichone 
>>> then find & hilite any of the other words in that container in field 
>>> 2, etc. as a script....
>>> You will have to have a predefined list of 'linked' words for each 
>>> grouping and also a way to tell how many or which instance if more 
>>> than one is found etc.
>>> HTH
>>> Tom
>>> On Feb 15, 2005, at 6:05 PM, Mark Swindell wrote:
>>>> How can I control linked text so that if I pass my mouse over 
>>>> textgroupA in field myField1, corresponding text in myField2 and 
>>>> myField3 would also hilight?  In other words, I want specific text 
>>>> linked to "brother text" in other fields on the same card.
>>>> Example:  Field myField1 contains the word "dark."  Field myField2 
>>>> contains the word "somber."  Field myField3 contains the word 
>>>> "gloomy."  If I pass the mouse over any of these three items, I 
>>>> want it and the other two to also hilite.  (Hey, it's wet and rainy 
>>>> out.)
>>>> Can one label linked text chunks and treat them as objects?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Mark

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