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Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Feb 16 18:40:10 EST 2005

Malte Brill wrote:

> Hi list,
> I´ve experienced something weird...
> <snip>
> I´m a bit puzzled... calling the script from a button gives the 
> correct result. Does anyone know what´s happening here?
> Os X.2.6 Rev 2.2 and 2.5

Same result in WinXP, Rev 2.5

Only - it's even stranger .....
I changed the mult-line script to

put 5 into abc
put "first" && abc & cr after msg
put mytest(the loc of this stack, the loc of this stack) into abc
put "second" && abc & cr after msg

(I changed the function name to mytest just in case, and I changed the 
function to return a fixed value instead of calling paramcount() - 
neither made any difference).

This ALSO results in the output   1  (what happened to the strings 
"first" and "second", and the fact there were two lines of output ??)

Deleting the line that calls mytest results in the rather more expected 
output of
  first 5
  second 5

Very strange ....

Alex Tweedly

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