Bridging between Mac and PC

Jeffrey Reynolds jeff at
Tue Feb 15 12:28:46 EST 2005

With OS9 you will need some networking software on the Mac to make it 
talk to the PC via filesharing using a x-over cable or patch cables 
through a hub (on OSX its built in.) I had the system set up on my old 
system and it worked well, but was a little 'non mac like' in its set 
up, but i guess that was because it was trying to make the mac look 
like and talk like a PC! There is a firewire cable/software solution 
out there, saw it a few years back.

My quick and dirty solution most of the time is my little usb pen 
drive. you can get them very cheap these days! fast and easy and you 
can usually fit most of the stuff of a cd onto a 512mb drive.



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On Feb 15, 2005, at 12:01 PM, use-revolution-request at 

> Quoting Kresten Bjerg <kresten.bjerg at>:
>> Creating cross-platform revolution applications, from mac (OS 9) to
>> windows PC creates a need for bridging . CDs of course may be a 
>> vehicle.
>> A firewire harddisk may be another (allthough uncertainties about its
>> formatting (FAT 32?)) but it seems logical that a direct  fire-wire
>> connection between a mac and a PC would be a very usefull gate. I 
>> guess
>> this problem is old hat to many professional revolution-users. Any 
>> cheap
>> and easy ways to solve it?
> OK I may have missed the point entirely, but I would simply use a 
> reverse
> network cable (probably you dont need to reverse these days). 
> Alternatively use
> a router. You can use filesharing to access the HD on each machine.
> Cheers
> Bob

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