Bridging between Mac and PC

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You have ethernet cables: (networking software is used)
one to one = crossover cable (they reverse three and five???I think)
one to hub to one = straight through cable

You have firewire:
one to one (networking software is still needed to do this)

You have server client:
each computer is connected to internet.

You have email:
each computer still needs connected to the internet.

You have FTP:
each computer still needs connected to the internet.

You have Disk:
ZIP, USB, Flash, etc. (each computer will need a reader device)

You have USB:
Removable USB drive (each computer will need a USB port)

You have bluetooth:
if built in (bluetooth networking software is used)

You have 802.11B G:
Each computer has wireless card (networking software is used)

IN the same building I prefer 802.11G Wireless since all of my 
computers are wireless connected to the internet and can use wireless 
networking. In different places I prefer CD and or removable USB drives 
OR email. Others prefer client/server (which can be built in REV).

The only time I use firewire is when I want one computer to be the 
HardDrive/slave and the other to copy Large amounts of software between 
the two.



On Feb 15, 2005, at 8:50 AM, Kresten Bjerg wrote:

> Creating cross-platform revolution applications, from mac (OS 9) to 
> windows PC creates a need for bridging . CDs of course may be a 
> vehicle. A firewire harddisk may be another (allthough uncertainties 
> about its formatting (FAT 32?)) but it seems logical that a direct  
> fire-wire connection between a mac and a PC would be a very usefull 
> gate. I guess this problem is old hat to many professional 
> revolution-users. Any cheap and easy ways to solve it?
> P.S.  There are perhaps already postings on this topic in the 
> accumulated lists, - but I find no internal search-mechanism on the 
> list-site. Is such a mechanism very complicated to implement?
> Kresten Bjerg
> Refer please to Oikos Homestation <>, for 
> further information
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