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On Microsoft PCs you have to set up 
system control (Systemsteuerung)
languages and regions (Regional- und Spracheigenschaften)
installing the languages you like 
I am using hebrew und greek
therefore I had first to install the language tools for languages writing right to left (you need the OS CD-ROM).
In Runrev i can perfectly type hebrew from right to left within one word but it breaks the direction in the sentence.
I use winword for typing hebrew text and copy it into the runrev textfield.
Runrev is using perfect unicode support in HTMLtext and RTFtext of the textfield.Ø

But runrev breakes foreign languages in table mode of the field
because they use the # sign as delimiter for the table columns.
All foreign languages are coded using the # sign in HTML
==> foreign languages are immediately broken when used in a table text field.

No experience in linux or mac.

Regards, Franz
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Thanks, but I was looking for something that would emulate the way that 
it's done in every piece of software except Rev -- hold down option key 
and type "u", see floating dots, type "u" and get ümlaut.

I'm curious what our German, French and Portuguese Revers do.. Can you 
type accents and umlauts into Rev fields? What happens if you use a US 
keyboard instead of a German/French/Portuguese keyboard, can you still 
type them?

And a final question, does anyone know where the floating dots (or 
floating accent or floating tilda) characters are stored, and how to 
show them in a Rev field?

-- Frank

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