RevMail Problem

Roger Kingston roger.kingston at
Mon Feb 14 15:42:41 EST 2005

Thanks Dwayne,
I tried your suggestion, but my version of RR was already up to date.  

The problem does seem to be related to a missing library in the
stand-alone.  Revmail doesn't work from the standalone until I start the
RR development environment.  Whereupon, the mail in the standalone
script behaves impeccably, even if I exit the RR development app.  A
reboot of my PC then restores the standalone to its non-mailing state.

Roger Kingston

>Hi Roger,
>Problem lies in the original revlibrary.rev file (components/global
>The problem has been fixed, you can download an update by running Rev
2.5 then choose Help > Check >for Updates... You will probably be
prompted to update the revstandalonesettings.rev file
>(components/tools/) also.
>This is done automatically and a backup copy of each is made!

>Cheers Dwayne...

>> From: "Roger Kingston" <roger.kingston at>
>> Subject: RevMail Problem
>> I'm running RR 2.5 under MS Windows XP SP2 and have stumbled across a

>> problem with revMail in a standalone.  The mail script I have is in a

>> button on a card in a substack and it works fine in the Development 
>> environment and MS Outlook - starting the mail program if it's not 
>> running, but just does nothing in the standalone. (No error message).
>> Code is:
>> revMail lvMailTo,lvRecipientList,lvSubject,lvBody
>> The Standalone Application Settings are set to 'search' for required 
>> inclusions.
>> Can anyone help please?
>> Roger Kingston

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