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Éric Chatonet eric.chatonet at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 14 13:50:52 EST 2005

Hi Frank,

Le 14 févr. 05, à 18:00, Frank Leahy <frank at backtalk.com> a écrit :

> I'm curious what our German, French and Portuguese Revers do.. Can you
> type accents and umlauts into Rev fields?  What happens if you use a US
> keyboard instead of a German/French/Portuguese keyboard, can you still
> type them?

The keyboards work differently according to the language and the keys 
are not the same in each language (I am telling about hardware).
When a language uses often accentuated vowels, umlauts or tilde, the 
corresponding keyboard offers the right keys without any combination.
You can get them too on any keyboard but you have to know how to get 
them and it's often a little tricky.
If you don't count unicode languages, you can find more than 30 
different "standard" keyboards...
For instance the first keys are "azerty" in French, "qwerz" in German 
and "qwerty" in English...
Imagine what happens for the other keys: "]" in english is  "+" in 
German, "$" in French and Italian, a key combination in Spanish and 
Portuguese (but not the same:  "`" and "´"), etc.
Then, if you are using Mac OS X, activate the languages you want in the 
international preferences panel, ask for displaying the corresponding 
menu into the menubar and open the keyboard utility : you will able to 
test all the keyboards you desire :-)
I never find such an utility in the Windows environment...


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