Typing foreign characters in RunRev

Signe Marie Sanne Signe.Sanne at roman.uib.no
Mon Feb 14 08:31:48 CST 2005

Frank Leahy skrev:
> I seem to be unable to type foreign characters into any RunRev (2.2) 
> field, so it looks like I'll have to handle it myself.
> Here's what I want to do:
> When I type an ümlaut in Apple Mail, i.e. "option-u" followed by "u", 
> first it shows me that I'm in "umlaut mode" by giving showing floating 
> dots above the (empty) character, and hiliting those dots with a yellow 
> hiliter.  Then, when I type "u" or "o" or any other character that is 
> umlaut-able, it hides the yellow hiliting and inserts the correct 
> character.
> This is a nice interface for knowing that you're in "foreign character 
> typing mode".  Has anyone written a similar routine for RunRev?  I'm 
> about to write one, but if someone has some working code already and 
> wanted to share it, I'd be most appreciative.

If you just want to type umlaut's and accents in a field, remember that you 
have to press the umlaut/accent key first (without anything appearing on the 
screen). Then you press the letter, and both appears at the same time.
Hope this was what you were looking for.
Signe Marie Sanne

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