Comment on editing front scripts

Mark Waddingham 36degrees at
Sun Feb 13 08:57:24 EST 2005

> This reminds me of an annoyance:  as noted in the docs somewhere, 
> sometimes script errors in frontscripts or backscripts are not reported 
> properly as such, instead pointing to the non-inserted script that 
> called it.
> Why is that, and how hard would it be to fix?
> Mark W?

Me? Where? I think you must be thinking of someone else... ;o)

Having taken a quick look at this, as far as I can see the engine is
reporting this correctly - i.e. if you put a try/catch handler around
some offending lines, then the resulting error string is what you would
expect. Therefore, I'd guess any problem in this area would lie with the
parsing of the reported error string. (I'm not ruling out there couldn't
be a glitch or two in the engine's report, but my brief tests seem to
suggest that it is most likely IDE related).

Indeed, it seems that this problem appears only when Script Debug Mode
is off - therefore this suggests it is revErrorDisplay's interpretation
of the error string that is at fault. (The reason it's okay in Script
Debug Mode is because the engine sends a 'traceError' message instead,
and this includes the context as a parameter).

Anyway, shouldn't be too hard to fix...

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