ODBC database access

Steve Paris lists at paris-saigon.com
Sat Feb 12 06:18:33 EST 2005

I have been tinkering with Revolution and lurking on this list for some
time. The willingness of many on this list to help both new Rev users,
and suggest solutions to more complex issues encounted by more
experienced Rev users, is truly impressive.  I did quite a bit of work
in Supercard a few years ago, and using Transcript has the same
"enjoyable way to program"  factor that I loved about  Supercard. Now I
am working on a more substantial database client, and going through the
learning curve for revDB. I have struck a problem that I haven't been
able to resolve, but maybe someone with much more experience than me on
this list has seen this before:

The client accesses an Access database via ODBC. ( I know, I know. It
will be ported to something more powerful db later, but at this point I
need to use Access). I have used the softwaredbdemo as a starting point.
I can make the connection OK, but even the simplest select statement
returns an error. For example, if I use this statement to create the sql:
put "SELECT * " & cr & \
      "FROM Students " & cr & \
      "WHERE Students.StudentID = " & quote & studentID & quote into tSQL

and execute the query, I get this error:
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]Too few parameters. Expected 1.

The Microsoft site says this occurs if a field name is incorrect. But I
have checked and double checked, used a list of fields as opposed to the
*, copied the SQL out of Access directly, tried different punctuation...
but get the same error.

I must be missing something fundamental. Any pointers toward a
resolution would be greatly appreciated.


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