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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Feb 12 00:35:47 CST 2005

MisterX wrote:

 >>>>On Feb 11, 2005, at 10:52 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >>>>> This reminds me of an annoyance:  as noted in the docs somewhere,
 >>>>> sometimes script errors in frontscripts or backscripts are not
 >>>>> reported properly as such, instead pointing to the non-inserted
 >>>>> script that called it.
 >>>>> Why is that, and how hard would it be to fix?
 >>>> Ahhh...Now if we could have reliable script errors in
 >>>> every instance, life would be much easier.
 >>> It may not be much of a bullet-point, but for myself I'd
 >>> prefer to see an overhaul of error handling above any
 >>> other feature currently in queue.
 >> I have 5 votes waiting to add to that if you'll point me
 >> to the request.
 > You can add your votes to bugzillas 2347, 2344, 2320, 2351, 1638,
 > etc...

Those cosmetic issues would be helpful, but I was thinking less about 
the UI than what's going on under the hood with the engine.

I don't mind taking an evening to make my own error dialog (I have to 
anyway to get something suitable for including with my app), and if the 
error handling was revamped it would only be a few lines anyway.

But getting to a simple, robust, and thorough reporting mechanism may be 
a bit of engine work.

I've posted a message to the improve-rev list to see if we can get a 
spec together to propose....

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