MP3 without QuickTime on Windows

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Fri Feb 11 11:40:52 EST 2005

xbury.cs at wrote:

> All you need is (with a default mp3 player installed) to
> get shell("start" && mymp3filepath)
> Why try harder? ;))

Hi Xavier,

Thanks for the suggestion.  That would probably do it for many cases -
unfortunately I want to be able to tell when the sound is finished, and
possibly also to dynamically fade the volume.  So if I can get a player
object working in Rev, that would be optimal.

My current situation is that on one Windows XP machine, without QuickTIme,
this works fine; on another machine, running Windows XP embedded, it does
not (although Media Player 9 is installed on that machine, and working
fine).  I'm trying to track down the critical difference.
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