Mouse dissapear and don't save changes with DreamCard Player XP

Matteo Varisco matteovarisco at
Fri Feb 11 06:21:22 EST 2005


I have made a simple stack with Runtime Revolution 2.5 for Mac OS X 
and works well within the IDE of DreamCard for Windows 2.5 and with 
the DreamCard Player for Mac OS X.

But with a Windows XP and the DreamCard Player I have two problems:

1) if I double click on the icon "Revolution DreamCard Player" and 
then open the stack, if I change a text in a field the stack don't 
save the changes.
I have already selected the check box "Run in non-secure mode" without results.

2) if I drag the stack on the icon "Revolution.exe" in the folder of 
the player the changes mades in the fields of the stack are saved, 
but the cursor of the mouse disappears if it is on the window of the 
stack. So it is difficult to work because I cannot see the mouse 

There is a solution for this bug?

Thanks in advance (and sorry for my mistakes in English),

     Matteo Varisco
     Programmer on computer Apple Macintosh
     E-mail: mailto:info at
     Web site:

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