MP3 without QuickTime on Windows

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Fri Feb 11 04:48:14 EST 2005


You dont need a player object. Just shell does the trick.
You need to use "start", and the backslashes in your path... (Make sure 
your current directory points to a valid path)

And make sure the default to open a file (mp3 or mid) is set to a program 
that can play it.

 It's important that there is a default (a line in bold in the file 
association dialog (go to Explorer.exe ->Tools menu->menu item Folder 
Options->tab File Types->btn Advanced...).
If you click on mp3 in the list, click advanced, choose "Play" in the 
list, and click on Edit to find the "launching command" for that file type 
and action.

check out the "assoc" command line which will list all the defined types 
and allows also associations to be made...


On 11.02.2005 10:00:37 use-revolution-bounces wrote:
>xbury.cs at skrev:
>> All you need is (with a default mp3 player installed) to
>> get shell("start" && mymp3filepath)
>> Why try harder? ;))
>> It's just a question of having a default "play" or "Open" command
>> associated with a player...
>Hello Xavier
>Should 'mymp3filepath' include 'file' or 'url'?
>Do we need a player object in the stack? On my WindowsXP (where I have 
>Windows Media Player and QuickTime installed) I tried without any 
>set itemDel to "/"
>put item 1 to -2 of the effective filename of this stack into tFolder
>put tFolder & "/M0NKP9EA.MID" into mymp3filepath
>get shell ("start" && mymp3filepath)
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