How to build nice repport with Revolution

Philippe p2m at
Thu Feb 10 04:36:47 EST 2005


I'm a new user of Revolution and it's a real pleasure to work with this 
I was also an old user of Hypercard since version 1.0 to the last one.

Revolution is nice, but I don't find à easy way to create nice repport.

Of course, for printing a text or a list I use revPrintField, but I 
want to create
some repports more complex.

Just for an exemple, if I want to print address labels using a MySQL
database and let the user choose his personnal size of labels.
How can I do that ?

I think that the repport builder doesn't more exist. I remember the
create repport from Hypercard, it was so nice and easy.

My software will be used by different countries, so I have to
let the choice of the paper size US Letter and A4 for exemple.
How I do that with Revolution ?

Thank you for your help


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