Dynamically creating notes that lay "on top" of cards

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Feb 10 23:59:30 EST 2005

On 2/10/05 3:33 PM, Silver, Jason wrote:

> Since there can be several different notes that can
> overlay on the card (albeit one at a time), it seems silly to have all
> these notes pre-created and invisible.  So, the big question is, can we
> just have a note, then simply feed it the title and body when it is
> displayed?

Sure. That's how I'd do it. Store the notes somewhere, say in a custom 
property, and the feed them as needed to the "notes" field group:

  put the uMyTitle of btn 1 into fld "myNoteTitle"
  put the uMyNote of btn 1 into fld "myNoteContent"

> Also, since the softkeys change, the behavior has to change for those
> buttons.  The "ButtonPress" message which I previously created was
> handled at the card  (specifically leftSoftkey and rightSoftkey).  Since
> that one card can either not be displaying a note, or have one of any
> number of notes on top of it, does it seem sensible to create yet
> another switch statement?  The condition would have to check if a note
> is visible.  But the behavior can be different depending on which
> note...maybe I should create the notes, have the behavior encapsulated
> in that note (i.e. the field), and pass the ButtonPress message to the
> note if there's one up?

The buttonPress handler could check to see if the notes field is 
visible. If so, branch to a "notes" switch structure. If not, branch to 
your current switch structure. These could be part of the buttonPress 
handler, or that handler could call one of two other handlers that 
contain the switch statements.

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