serial send OK receive not ok

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Thu Feb 10 22:32:29 EST 2005

> I have been playing with my macbrick again. I have been using Sarah's 
> serial test task and can connect via usb to my usb macbrick with 
> serial commands.
> My problem is I don't know anything about serial commands. I can see 
> the device (which has sending and receiving lights) receive the signal 
> from the serial test stack but it does not do what I think it should 
> do and no receive is confirmed. I tried sending a <V000 which for 
> macbrick is a version request string but I can't get or don't get 
> anything back confirming it. I don't know what to do????
Hi Tom,

Glad my Serial stuff is proving useful. A couple of things to try:
Change the end-of-line character for sending data. My stack allows 
three different options and it may be that the brick won't respond 
until it gets the right one. (I use a serial device that ignores all 
incoming data until it gets LF).
The other thing is to read for a set period instead of until eof, just 
in case it is a timing thing and the response is being delayed.


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