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Judy Perry jperryl at
Thu Feb 10 16:54:49 EST 2005

Just last night we were having this same issue in the class lab.  On my
instructor's machine, selecting the group selected, well, the group, but
on many of the students' machines selecting the group selected whatever
item in the group you clicked on.

Clicking on the 'select group' or whatever button on the toolbar seemed to
make things right again.

Another of those confusing Rev modality issues.

Oh, and on the cursor front, my students (all but two of whom are 3rd or
4th year CS majors) had modality issues with the select cursor buttons on
the tools palette.

It's confusing and just not obvious.


On Thu, 10 Feb 2005, Hershel Fisch wrote:

> Hi, I'm trying to figure how to select a group not by selecting it from the
> application browser?
> In 2.2 when an item from a group was selected then the group was selected,
> in 2.5 the item is selected and not the group.
> Thanks, Hershel
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