Standalone application problem

Scott Slaugh xslaugh at
Thu Feb 10 10:23:11 EST 2005

  I just discovered a problem with building standalone applications in
Rev 2.5.  I have a program that I tried to build a standalone for. 
(My synchronizer stack, found under xslaugh on revOnline.)  The
program runs fine in the IDE, but when made into a standalone, it
gives an error message on startup.  The error message that I get in
the standalone always says something about some field not existing. 
However, if I add the 'of stack "whatever"' to the name of my fields,
I get no error message.  Now, the stack has a mainstack and a substack
in it.  It almost seems to me that when the standalone is built, Rev
thinks my put commands are trying to reference the substack, not the
  I also discovered that if I build a standalone of the same stack in
Rev 2.2.1, the program runs fine.  It seems to me that something got
changed in the standalone builder in Rev 2.5.  Does anyone know of
anything else that could be causing this?  I seem to recall having
been able to build this stack under 2.5 successfully before.  However,
I did just run the check for updates from the help menu.  Perhaps an
updated stack is causing the problem?

Scott Slaugh

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