CGI access to PostGreSQL

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Thu Feb 10 05:05:25 EST 2005

> Hmm, those two library files seem to be missing in my
> copy of Rev 2.5 but are there in my copy of Rev 2.2
> I have a vague recollection of these being compiled
> into the Revolution CGI-engines, but maybe someone
> from the RunRev team could elaborate?

The Revolution 2.5 (and up) Linux engine has both revXML and revDB
embedded within it, so the externals are not necessary. However, the
database drivers themselves are not embedded and you need to tell the
engine where to find them by doing:
  revdb_setdriverpath <path_to_drivers>
  (or revSetDatabaseDriverPath <path_to_drivers>)
Where <path_to_drivers> is the directory containing the drivers. Also,
Linux paths are case-sensitive so make sure that the value you pass for
the database type looks the same as the driver file:
  i.e. if you pass "mysql" the engine will look for
       if you pass "MySQL" the engine will look for

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> Hope this helped,
> Jan Schenkel.
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