Problems using Dreamcard

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Feb 9 18:12:55 EST 2005

Jim Lyons wrote:

> Thanks for telling me about this, Alex. I just spent a frustrating 
> hour looking for this information: at the Dreamcard homepage there is 
> nothing but marketing-speak -- "Do anything!". At RevOnline, I don't 
> see the Learning Center in my channels (?!) so I didn't check there.

No idea why you don't see them - when you clock RevOnline from the IDE, 
you should see four boxes (My Space, User Spaces, What's New and 
Learning Centre).

Since the Learning Centre is only available to licensees, there wouldn't 
be much point in putting Dreamcard Player info in there.

> I reread the readme files in my Rev 2.5 distribution for info about 
> Dreamcard -- "Straight out of the box, Dreamcard provides the features 
> of a word processor, a presentation tool, a simple spreadsheet...". 
> And finally I looked again in the Rev documentation -- in Topics, 
> Dictionary, and FAQ you can only get "dre" into the filter box before 
> you get the annoying "nothing matches" dialog. Sigh and double-sigh.

Jim - you need to know about the wonderful stack from Ken Ray, with a 
way to fix your copy of Runrev for this annoying dialog

> Thanks so much for your help Alex. By the way, where is the info about 
> secure mode?

Beats me :-)
I think I learnt about it from this email list (specifically, an email 
from Kevin Miller to the list back in July) when the player was first 
announced (or first beta-ed). I'm fairly sure nothing about Dreamcard is 
described in the built-in docs, and I don't see anything on the web site 
to describe secure mode.

Alex Tweedly

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