Problems using Dreamcard

Jim Lyons jimlyons at
Wed Feb 9 16:40:23 CST 2005

I discovered a stack I made wasn't really saving when running under 
Dreamcard Player and wrote:

>> Of course, I had tested saving with my menu command, but running in 
>> the IDE. Now that I test it with my Dreamcard player, I discover it 
>> doesn't work.
>> My menu command is:  save stack "Directory" as the filename of this 
>> stack
>> Again, this functions correctly in the IDE, but not under Dreamcard. 
>> ...

Alex Tweedly kindly replied:

> Two possibilities :
> 1. Make sure the Player is not in "secure" mode (which prevents it from
> writing files or accessing the network).
> [    Click on the Rev icon at top right, and set the checkbox for "Run
> in non-secure mode"  ]

Yes, that was it. When I bring up Dreamcard Player, the RevOnline 
browser appears, and sure enough there is a Rev icon at the top right, 
with no rollover message nor any indication that it is a button, or 
that it actually has nothing to do with RevOnline, but is actually your 
access to the Preferences for the Player application! Jeezy Peezy! I 
checked the "Run in insecure mode" checkbox, quit and restarted, and 
now my little stack saves correctly in the player.

Thanks for telling me about this, Alex. I just spent a frustrating hour 
looking for this information: at the Dreamcard homepage there is 
nothing but marketing-speak -- "Do anything!". At RevOnline, I don't 
see the Learning Center in my channels (?!) so I didn't check there. I 
reread the readme files in my Rev 2.5 distribution for info about 
Dreamcard -- "Straight out of the box, Dreamcard provides the features 
of a word processor, a presentation tool, a simple spreadsheet...". And 
finally I looked again in the Rev documentation -- in Topics, 
Dictionary, and FAQ you can only get "dre" into the filter box before 
you get the annoying "nothing matches" dialog. Sigh and double-sigh.

> 2. There is a bug (Bugzilla 2294) by which stacks run in Dreamcard
> Player do not have a "home" directory, so expressions such as
>    the filename of this stack
> do not produce the correct answer....

Thanks for the warning about this!

> I've just had a quick look through the bugs which mention Dreamcard or
> Player, and while I might have missed some, I don't see anything else
> likely to cause different behaviour between the same stack in Player 
> vs Rev.

Thanks so much for your help Alex. By the way, where is the info about 
secure mode?

Jim Lyons

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