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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 9 16:08:13 EST 2005

Jan Schenkel wrote:
> Remember how you'd script this yourself : by means of
> a combination of
> mouseDown/mouseMove/mouseUp/mouseRelease handlers --
> that's four messages that may be caught independently
> somewhere down the message path, sometimes in
> different objects in order to minimize scripting
> efforts.

The requirement of writing four handlers for all but the limited subset 
of things the grab command handles is a long-standing annoyance.

We understand that using mouseMove is essential to avoid the polling 
issue with mouseStillDown, but this raises a question:

    Why not just fix mouseStillDown so it doesn't poll?

It could be sent in response to mouseMove instead of being tied to the 
idleRate as it is now, and I doubt many (any?) scripts in shipping 
products would notice the difference.

If it seems sensible to simplify those four handlers down to one revised 
mouseStillDown, consider voting for:

There's also a suggestion there for extensing the drag command to 
incorporate some useful syntax options extablished by SuperCard.

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