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Wed Feb 9 03:10:43 EST 2005

Martin Baxter wrote:
>>Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>...  If you take the time
>>to store the type and creator codes obtained from "the detailed files"
>>on Mac you can even restore those when you write them out again --
>>something the Zip format doesn't handle at all.
> Well that's not entirely true Richard. The zip utilities for Mac that I've
> used create a folder in the zip archive called "XtraStuf.mac".

I must be old. :)  Apparently Mac extensions were added to the spec -- 
from <>:

           Third-party Mappings:

          -ZipIt Macintosh Extra Field (long) (0x2605):

           The following is the layout of the ZipIt extra block
           for Macintosh. The local-header and central-header versions
           are identical. This block must be present if the file is
           stored MacBinary-encoded and it should not be used if the file
           is not stored MacBinary-encoded.

           Value         Size        Description
           -----         ----        -----------
   (Mac2)  0x2605        Short       tag for this extra block type
           TSize         Short       total data size for this block
           "ZPIT"        beLong      extra-field signature
           FnLen         Byte        length of FileName
           FileName      variable    full Macintosh filename
           FileType      Byte[4]     four-byte Mac file type string
           Creator       Byte[4]     four-byte Mac creator string

Which Mac Zip tools use those?

And do any of the Win Zip tools allows you to define the values of those 
fields for moving files cross-platform?

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