rev and zip files

Martin Baxter martin at
Wed Feb 9 02:16:19 CST 2005

>Richard Gaskin wrote:
>...  If you take the time
>to store the type and creator codes obtained from "the detailed files"
>on Mac you can even restore those when you write them out again --
>something the Zip format doesn't handle at all.

Well that's not entirely true Richard. The zip utilities for Mac that I've
used create a folder in the zip archive called "XtraStuf.mac". When you
extract the archive on another Mac, the contents of this folder are used to
restore any resource forks. When the archive is expanded on a PC this is of
course not used and just appears as a folder containing useless files.

Inside XtraStuf.mac there is a file for any file in the archive that has a
resource fork, with the same name and path as the data fork file (ie the
directory structure of the archive is reproduced inside XtraStuf.mac where
necessary, so that the path to the resource fork file matches the path to
the data fork file, excepting the first directory).

Martin Baxter

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