The Case of the Disappearing Custom Property

Dan Shafer revdan at
Wed Feb 9 00:06:10 EST 2005

I have a large stack (about 87MB) that contains two QuickTime movies 
imported as controls. I'm using this approach because the client 
doesn't want anyone to be able to view these movies without registering 
and receiving a password and QuickTime movies can't be 

So far, so good.

In the IDE, everything goes as expected. The stack opens, the user is 
asked for name and password and, if the password matches the value of a 
custom property stored in the stack, he is given permission to proceed. 
If not, he's told he has to go get the password and the stack closes.

Saved as a standalone, this does not work. I spent about 3 hours on 
this today and what I've found after a lot of tracing is that in the 
standalone app, the custom property containing the password against 
which the user's entry is to be matched is empty. I have an answer 
dialog that displays the value of that property. In the IDE, it shows 
the property correctly and the stack works. In the runtime, that dialog 
says the custom property has no value in it.

Known bug? I can't find anything on this in Mozilla. I'm going to 
resort to placing the password into the stack as a variable, but that 
seems somehow less elegant.


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