Very fast Revolution commands and functions?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Feb 8 14:09:33 EST 2005

Lynch, Jonathan wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> What are the processes in Revolution that have been optimized to be very
> fast? The following two examples are the ones that come to mind, but I
> figure there must be quite a few of them.
> - Match Text
> - Repeat for each loop

MatchText is not necessarily fast, depending on what you do with it.  It 
uses regex, which is convenient and reasonably fast for some operations, 
but as with any generalization it comes at a price.  For many uses the 
offset function is faster.

Transcript is a big language, and most of it runs fairly well.  What is 
the purpose of this list?  Maybe knowing a bit more about what you're 
after will help us deliver a good list.

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