Slightly OT: Thanks to Frank and Mark

graham samuel graham.samuel at
Tue Feb 8 03:41:06 CST 2005

I owe Frank D Engel Jr and  Mark Talluto thanks for answers to daft 
questions of mine (Network Hell and Re: image contrast and brightness). 
Frank, I'm starting on your network references right now- looks like a 
life saver. And I've ordered the book you recommended, Mark.

And as to your ref to RevOnline:
> That looks like a ref to a RevOnline user space.  If you are not
> running 2.5, download the free Dreamcard Player to gain access to the
> user spaces; if you are running 2.5. click the "Rev Online" button on
> the toolbar.
I have to say that I'd forgotten about RevOnline because although I'm a 
2.5 user, I've been on a very slow dialup link for quite a time and 
really didn't want to go there (and if you think that's bad, try using 
iDisk with a 28Kbaud connection...). However the French government has 
just fulfilled its promise in my corner of rural France to provide us 
all with broadband, so things will be different from now on.

Back to work - my next post will actually be about Rev.


Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK and France

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