MP3 without QuickTime on Windows

Jeffrey Reynolds jeff at
Mon Feb 7 14:37:47 CST 2005

The main problem with including the quicktime installer is its license 
agreement. You must make your application to only work with the version 
of qt (or later) at the time you release your product. thus if someone 
has an older version of qt installed you must force them to update 
their qt to use your application. this is a real problem in some 
business and education setups that have locked systems or use older 
equipment/systems that works better with older versions. Also if you 
are pressing a CD-ROM, if you do any updates to the CD-ROM you must 
also update to the latest version of qt installer and also make your 
program only work with that version or later (its also unclear if you 
just make more discs with no changes if you need update the qt 

you also cannot modify the qt installer and if you have an installer 
for your own software it must also startup the qt installer. again 
pretty invasive. you must also submit a copy of your work to apple for 
verification of all this stuff...

I have just started putting 'requires quicktime' on cds instead of the 
installer since i hate to force someone to update their quicktime 
unless they want to. for folks that are using multimedia cdroms 
quicktime is pretty prevalent and its easy to download if its not 

i found no work around for playing (and being able to pause and restart 
playing) audio files not imported into the stack w/o quicktime or wmp 
installed. documentation alludes to being able to play wav files w/o 
qt, but that doesn't work.



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On Feb 7, 2005, at 3:25 PM, use-revolution-request at 

> QuickTime is not an application.  It is a framework and a set of
> drivers which needs to run as part of the operating system in order to
> function properly.
> A better approach would be to obtain the needed permission to bundle
> the QuickTime installer with your app.  Perhaps that installer could be
> stored in the custom property?  Depends on your license from Apple.

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